Indian Creek Hike & Bike Trail

Phone 913-327-6630

The Indian Creek Trail is almost 17 miles long (about 10 miles are in OP). Generally, the trail is level and flat; it is paved, approximately 10 feet wide with mile markers every half mile.

Parking is available at seven parks and one recreation center:

· Community Park, 138th and Switzer
· Foxhill South, 109th and El Monte
· Foxhill North, Indian Creek Parkway and Roe (behind Suburban Lawn and Garden)
· Roe, 105th and Roe
· Indian Creek Recreation Center, 103rd and Marty
· Corporate Woods Founders', 9711 W. 109th St.
· Indian Valley, 116th and Knox
· Quivira, 119th and Quivira

What is allowed on the trail?
The trail is for bicyclists, walkers, joggers, skaters, etc. There is no speed limit. Dogs are allowed on leashes. All types of non-motorized bicycles can be used on the trail including tandem bikes, baby strollers and baby trailers. Mopeds and motorcycles are not permitted.