As Seen on TV

You've seen it on TV and now you can't wait to bite into the delicious dishes your favorite food celebrities raved about. Here's your dining guide for "as seen on TV" restaurants in the Overland Park area.

Food Network Programs

Diners, Drive-In's & Dives

In this episode of DDD, Guy chows down on some "off-the-hook" Chili Bomb Pie - chili, cheese and tater-tot pizza. Can you handle it?

Guy said, "this is everything you'd want in lasagna." With homemade pasta, this is perfect for those that crave Italian. 

Blue Koi
Love Chinese food? This takes it up a notch or five. Guy gobbled up the chili pepper wontons.

The pork hash served with black beans and potatoes is what grabbed Guy's attention at Succotash. His exact words - "holy hash batman!" Make this your breakfast destination.

Looking for comfort food?  Guy called the chicken potpie "creamy and delicious."

Happy Gillis Cafe & Hangout
If your traveling with the family, this is your hangout. The flank steak sandwich it what made the DDD list, but you can feel the love in all their food.

The Brick
A dive for sure, this joint according to Guy, "doesn't skimp on goodness." Get the meatloaf sandwich here.

YJ's Snack Bar
YJ's has also been featured by National Geographic Traveler and USA Today. 

DDD Kansas City BBQ Tour
You know Kansas City's got barbeque and Guy knows it too. This episode featured some of his favorites. Click this link to check them all out.

No Passport Required

Tasso's Greek Restaurant
Feel like you're on vacation in Greece at Tasso's. For food, try the pastitsio or the saganaki. The fun, festive atmosphere will have you dancing along to the live music and breaking a few plates in celebration. Opa!

Top 5 Restaurants

Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que
A true bar-b-que joint, located inside a gas station, this restaurant is made famous time-and-time again. Most recently, it was featured on Top 5 Restaurants for the burnt end sandwich (served 3 days a week only). You've also seen them on Man v. Food and The Bachelor. 

The Travel Channel

Man v. Food

Papa Bob's Bar-B-Que
Could you eat the Ulitmate Destroyer - an over 6 pound, rich, bar-b-que sandwich, plus the sides in 45 minutes? Adam Richman failed this challenge, what makes you think you'd survive?

Comfort food at its best - pan-fried chicken! No challenge, just serving up delicious food.

Bizzare Foods

Andrew Zimmerman has ate his way around Kansas City trying the unique fares and Midwest flavors offered throughout the City. What did he try? Of course the BBQ from some of the local hotspots. At Local Pig, he enjoyed the pig spleen. From Tenderloin Grill, he devoured the pig snoot. And, from Justus Drugstore, roasted woodchuck. After trying all of this, what did he say? "Kansas City has become a hotbead of creative opportunity, and you can see it everywhere you turn."

Competitive Chefs

Debbie Gold, The American Restaurant 
A James Beard Award winning chef, Gold competed in season two of Top Chef Masters. While not victorious on this show, her top-notch food can be enjoyed daily one of Kansas City's finest dining establishments - The American Restaurant.

Celina Tio, Julian
Part of the final four in her season of the The Next Iron Chef, Tio is a James Beard winner and also named the 2005 Chef of the Year by Chef Magazine. You can taste her take on comfort food at Julian.

Jeff Martin, Smallcakes
Martin has taken his cupcakes international since his famous for the "I forgot the pumpkin" elimination from Cupcake Wars. Smallcakes was also featured on The View.